Apr 13, 2021


I am setting up a process to be able to shoot with two cameras simultaneously (with full synchronization between them): One camera on TOA-150 to take luminance and the other on FSQ-106N for color.

While I have solved the software aspects of the synchronized handling of the two cameras (thanks to AstroArt), continued confinements due to the pandemic have prevented me from finishing the hardware aspects. Read more

Dec 28, 2020

PK 164+31.1 Jones-Emberson 1

PK 164+31.1, also known as Jones-Emberson 1 and the Headphones Nebula is a faint, 14th magnitude, planetary nebula in the constellation of Lynx.

This nebula has a very low surface brightness which makes it a difficult, but at the same time attractive, target for astrophotography. Read more (updated 11/01/2021)

Nov 28, 2020

IC 410 and the "tadpoles"

IC410 is a faint emission nebula in the constellation Auriga. It is located approximately 10000 light-years away from the Earth and spans more than 100 light-years. The nebula surrounds NGC 1893, a young galactic star cluster, which is partially obscured by the dust. Read more

Oct 1, 2020

Four years later

Four years later, .....after my retirement, ......after Covid-19 confinement!, my observatory in Àger, is operational again! Thank you very much to everyone who has helped me in the last months!!

Quatre anys més tard, .....després de la meva jubilació, ..... després del confinament Covid-19!, el meu observatori a Àger, torna a estar operatiu!!. Moltes gràcies a totes i tots els que m'han ajudat en els últims mesos!!

Cuatro años más tarde, .....tras mi jubilación, ..... tras el confinamiento Covid-19!!, mi observatorio en Àger, ¡vuelve a estar operativo!!. Muchas gracias a tod@s los que me han ayudado en los últimos meses!!......Updated October

Aug 12, 2020

NGC3718, NGC372 & Hickson 56 revisited

While waiting to be able to resume my astrophotographic activity, I am reviewing old images.

I have reprocessed the image (taken in 2011) of this interesting Ursa Major galaxy cluster. Read more