IC 410 and the “tadpoles”: November 2020

IC410 is a faint emission nebula in the constellation Auriga. It is located approximately 10000 light-years away from the Earth and spans more than 100 light-years. The nebula surrounds NGC 1893, a young galactic star cluster, which is partially obscured by the dust.
At the bottom-left of the star cluster, two dense structures known as “The tadpoles of IC410” are clearly visible. The tadpoles are about 10 light-years long and are regions of star formation.

The tadpoles point their “tails” outwards, away from the central region of the nebula. This is due to the stellar winds and radiation pressure from the NGC 1893 stars.

This is in various senses a "first image":
It is my first image in 4 years….., my first image acquired in remote (thanks to Talon6!!) and it is also the first time I image this object.

The first image is the Ha widefield version with 7 hours of accumulated exposure. The image covers a field of about 1.8 x 1.2 degrees.

The second image is a RHaGB composition with about 22 hours of accumulated exposure. In this region, so rich in stars, processing has had to dim them considerably in order to highlight the nebula.

Bottom images are detailed view of the tadpoles in Ha and RHaGB with a specific processing including drizzle integration.

Click on the images for a higher resolution version or go to the Gallery section for full resolution and complete exposure details.

Imaging equipment was TOA-150 & STL-11k.

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