May 28, 2024

NGC 4449 revisited

I first imaged NGC 4449 in 2010 as part of one of my first collaborations with Dr. David Martinez Delgado. You can see my image from then in a post on my old blog with information about the scientific work on the “stellar tidal stream around NGC 4449” by clicking here (I recommend taking a look to the close up view (0.202"/pixel scale) of image taken by 8.2 meter Subaru telescope... Read more,

May 27, 2024

Dwarfs gobbling dwarfs: a stellar tidal stream around NGC 4449 (Copy of original December 2011 publication)

This is just a copy of the original 2011 post on my old blog about research led by Dr. David Martínez Delgado, for easier access from my upcoming post of a new image of NGC 4449... Read more,

May 15, 2024

New ANNKE NCPT500 camera and ... Aurora Borealis!!

For a while, I have been looking to incorporate a second camera inside my observatory in order to be able to see the movement of the mount/telescope assembly from another angle and also to be able to do so without supporting LEDs (to avoid interfering with the imaging).

The camera I have installed is an ANNKE NCPT500... Read more,