Jun 30, 2024

Van den Bergh 152: Halpha added

Widefield image of a region of Cepheus with special interest in van den Bergh 152 (vdB 152, also known as Cederblad 201, or the Wolf's Cave Nebula), the blue reflection nebula on the right-center and Dengel-Hartl 5 (DeHt5, PK 111 +11.1) the planetary nebula on the bottom (a bit on the left), but including also many other interesting objects: LDN1217, LDN1219, B175…Read more,

Jun 12, 2024

Van den Bergh 141: The Ghost Nebula

Van den Bergh 141 (VdB141, also designated as Sh2-136) The Ghost Nebula, is a reflection nebula located in the constellation Cepheus. I really like this region of Cepheus and the image I took of it in 2010 has been my desktop wallpaper all these years ... Read more,