PK 164+31.1 Jones-Emberson 1: December 2020

PK 164+31.1, also known as Jones-Emberson 1 and the Headphones Nebula is a faint, 14th magnitude planetary nebula in the constellation of Lynx.

This nebula has a very low surface brightness which makes it a difficult, but at the same time attractive, target for astrophotography. 

It is about 1600 light years away from us and like other planetary nebulae it was formed at the end of the life of an intermediate mass star. The star can be seen in the center of the nebula: a 17 magnitude bluish white dwarf.

The image is a LRGB combination with 22 hours of accumulated exposure, taken with TOA-150 and STL-11000M. Really, the resolution of this setup is not the best to show all the detail of this interesting object. I will try a second processing round with drizzle integration.

Updated 11/01/2021
As a continuation of the above post, this is the "definitive" processing of the Jones-Emberson 1 planetary nebula (PK 164+31.1), made from drizzle integration (x2) in Pixinsight.
I have also (slightly) improved the processing of the image presented in the first post.
I should certainly recognize that this very interesting object requires a little more resolution than my setup provides 😉 (about 1 meter focal length and 9 um camera pixels, that is 1.69"/pixel).

Click on the images for a 100% version or go to the Gallery section for complete exposure details.

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