Four years later

Four years later, .....after my retirement, ......after Covid-19 confinement!, my observatory in Àger, is operational again! Thank you very much to everyone who has helped me in the last months!!

Quatre anys més tard, .....després de la meva jubilació, ..... després del confinament Covid-19!, el meu observatori a Àger, torna a estar operatiu!!. Moltes gràcies a totes i tots els que m'han ajudat en els últims mesos!!

Cuatro años más tarde, .....tras mi jubilación, ..... tras el confinamiento Covid-19!!, mi observatorio en Àger, ¡vuelve a estar operativo!!. Muchas gracias a tod@s los que me han ayudado en los últimos meses!!.

Updated October 2020:
In October 2020, I have completed the process of automating the observatory to be able to work remotely. 
I know that today this is not news, but for me, it is: on the one hand I had wanted to do it for a long time and on the other hand, as I get older, it will help me a lot by saving many hours of driving up and down.

The heart of the system is Talon6
Talon6 is a safe control system for observatory automation. It allows manual as well as robotic control and automation of  the roll off roof of my observatory.
I would like to emphasize that the system allows me to park my EM400 mount in any circumstance, even in case of loss of communications with the PC. 
Achieving this with a Takahashi Temma2 mount, whose electronics do not have the ability to park the mount via its firmware, is by no means an easy task and so, I thank the Talon6 responsible persons for their effort and success.

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