Apr 1, 2024

KELT-23 Ab: Exoplanet transit

KELT-23 Ab: My first exoplanet transit (confirmed and published).

KELT-23 Ab is a gas giant orbiting BD+66 911, a G-type star (some studies indicate it is G2V-type) with a size very close to that of our Sun (Mass=0.942 Msun, Radius=0.996 Rsun). 

It is 412 light-years away from us and takes only 2.3 days to complete one orbit around its star. Its discovery was announced in 2019. 

Its mass is 0.938 times that of Jupiter and the distance to its star is 0.03302 AU.

Transit taken remotely on 23/03/2024 (with Moon at 98%) with TOA-150 telescope and STL-11000M camera. 

More information about exoplanets and other transits here.

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