NGC 2359 Thor's Helmet starless

Although I regularly use starless images  within my standard processing (to separate the image on its large scale and small scale components), I had not attempted until now to produce a final starless image (to improve the visual effect of the nebulosity).

I tested the Pixinsight modules StarNet++ and StarXTerminator.

Updated 11/03/2022: I included in the test StarNet v2

This is the first attempt, made with the image of NGC 2359 "Thor's Helmet".

Although StarXTerminator does a brilliant job, clearly improving the result of StarNet++, if the ultimate goal (as in this case) is to remove the stars while preserving the maximum detail of the nebula, I found StarNet v2 achieves clearly a better result (naturally, only tested with my imaging equipment: STL-11000 + TOA-150).

Click on the images for a full size version, or go to the Gallery section for complete exposure details.

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