M101: LRGB with two cameras

 This image of M101 is the first taken with two cameras working simultaneously. 

One camera, STL-1000M, on Takahashi TOA-150 @ f/7.3 for luminance data and the other, Canon 60Da, on Takahashi FSQ-106N @ f/5.0 for RGB data.

The main camera is the STL. It is controlled by CCDCommander and CCDSoft, with the main chip used for luminance acquisition and the secondary chip for guiding (and dithering). 

The second camera is the 60Da. It is controlled by AstroArt and provides the RGB data.

Full synchronization between cameras is achieved by taking advantage of AstroArt's extensive scripting capabilities. In a second phase, both cameras will be directly controlled by AstroArt.  

The image accumulates 21 hours of exposure (with sub exposures of 10 minutes in luminance and 5 minutes with the 60Da). Processed, as usual, in PixInsight. After evaluating the final result, if the season allows it, I will try to add some exposure in Hydrogen alpha.

In a previous entry, there is the luminance version of the image. Here are the color detail of M101 and the wide-field image. Click on the images for a 100% version or go to the Gallery section for complete exposure details.

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