M101 in LHaRGB

This is the final version of the M101 image after incorporating Halpha data and reprocessing it from scratch. 

The incorporation of Halpha data has been done according to the formulation (1) indicated hereMany thanks to Edoardo Luca for this precise and detailed tutorial!.

As a difference with respect to that process, I have only added Ha data to the red channel (none to the blue channel).

The image accumulates 25 hours of exposure with L & Ha data acquired with STL 11000M and RGB data with Canon 60Da.

Simultaneous and synchronized acquisition of images with two cameras by using AstroArt.

Observatory automation and remote operation with Talon6

Click on the image for full resolution version or go to the Gallery section for complete exposure details.

(1) The method is directly derived from Vicent Peris formula for composition of narrowband data with broad band data.

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