LBN 762 (MBM 13)

LBN 762 (from Lynds Catalogue of Bright Nebulae, and being part of much lager cloud known as MBM 13 after the name given later by Magnani,  Blitz and Mundy), is a "bright" nebula in the constellation Aries.

This molecular cloud is one of the closest to us that contains pre-main sequence stars (young stellar objects that have not yet initiated core hydrogen burning). The widefield image shows also several galaxies on the background, some of them visible through the dust of the nebula.

Really, calling this nebula "bright" is a bit optimistic: it is really faint and difficult to see in individual (auto-stretched) sub-exposures. The image clearly needs more color data: maybe I can incorporate it later (and better if it is with the CCD than with the Canon...).

Click on the image for a full size version or go to the Gallery section for complete exposure details.

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