A personal (re) view of IC 410 and the "tadpoles"

Two years ago, I already imaged IC 410 nebula. While I was reasonably satisfied with the monochrome  (Hydrogen alpha) image, I was not so with the colour image (first on the right).

So this winter I made another try: This is a new "colour" image with Ha-OIII-OIII palette and stars in RGB. Total narrowband exposure time is about 25 hours.

From a purely aesthetic point of view, I clearly like it better.

By the way, the processing of this image has been complicated. The (old) Astronomik OIII filter I use produces terrible halos with my setup: I tried to reduce them, but with little success.

But from the beginning, the objective was to obtain a colour image  of this object, so the final step was clear: to combine both datasets to create an HaR-OIIIG-OIIIB image, with RGB stars (last image on the right, "tadpoles" zone detail). This image has 40 hours of accumulated exposure. 

Click on the image for a full size version, or go to the Gallery section for the widefield version and complete exposure details.

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